Leading in the production and application of brushwood for over 60 years. Van Schaik specialises in
the production of brushwood related products, including fascine mattresses, wattle fencing and silt
fencing. The brushwood is harvested both in our own plantations and in `grienden’ throughout the
country. Furthermore we have specialist skill and know-how available together with dedicated
equipment to get the job done.

Our company developed from an old craft that still plays an important role in our daily work,
however we are also continuously innovating to further improve our products. Innovation and
tradition go together at Van Schaik. Sustainability is a key aspect of the products we offer. The
`Schaikmat’, which was developed in-house, is a main example of this philosophy.

It’s not just about delivering high quality products, providing good services and support is crucial
for us as well. We work and think with you, to make sure that your requirements are met.