Developed in-house, the `Schaikmat’ is a multifunctional very robust mat made out of willow twigs.
This sustainable mat can be used for bank or shore protection – making it an excellent alternative
for wattle fencing in its initial phase – or as a floating island like construction providing unique
ecological possibilities as well as being quite an eye catcher. A further application is as road plate
that is biodegradable, for instance useful for maintenance works in natural areas, or as partition
element in a garden setting (the Schaikmat has the same size as standard garden fencing elements).

A sustainable solution for a host of situations and locations: our `Schaikmat’ is quite an invention!
Robust, mechanically pressed mats made of willow twigs which can be applied for bank or shore
protection and as a floating island. They can be produced with a wide variety of plants seeded in the
mat, are available in several thicknesses and can be both permanent and temporarily. They can act
as feeding, resting and hatching spot for all kinds of birds, fish and insects, providing the potential
for significant ecological value in addition to being flexible and easy to use.