Fascine mattresses

One of our core activities is the production and placement of fascine mattresses. This is specialist
work, for which brushwood from our own plantations and from natural grounds is used. As this is a
product made of natural materials it is environmentally friendly. In addition to the production itself
we can also take care of the placement process: from transporting the mattresses to their final
location to the sinking.

Fascine mattresses are a type of large mats specifically designed to protect the shorelines of rivers
and estuaries against the erosive effect of running water. Think for instance about groynes and dams
or dykes in open water. For several decades already we produce fascine mattresses, including the
classic form which is constructed using brushwood and `wieps’ (bundles of brushwood woven
together to form a long sausage type shape, if required biologically degradable material can be used
for their construction) only, and a form that consists of geotextile and wieps only. This geotextile is
preprocessed to the right shape and size. Van Schaik is ahead of the competition when it comes to
innovation, sustainability and novel techniques, against the background of our classic craft.

In addition to the production of fascine mattresses we also have extensive experience with the
process of placing the mattresses. This entails that for both the transportation and the sinking of the
mattresses we have both specialist machinery and know-how available.

We are very happy to further inform you about such mattresses. We can also provide merely the
components such as wieps and geotextile.